Philippines 2006

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Philippines 2006

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The WVA Welcome

As our rickety old van rolled into the dirty road of the West Visyan Academy we heard the chanting of young happy voices in unison saying "Hi, Hello, Welcome to WVA"... We learned later that they had been practicing this for quite some time. Which makes me appreciate the welcome even more.

Iloilo Airport

After a layover at Manila International Airport. Arlene, Eric, Irene, and I boarded another plane to Iloilo. And after another hour and a half of airtime we were finally done. Thank you Lord! He had delivered us yet again out of the pangs of the stuffy, cramped, flying metal plane.

BTW... The first individual to welcome us off the plane was a soldier in military fatigues, heavy boots, dark sunglasses, and a very very very big gun. Talk about a welcome party. We didn't get a shot of him... well because frankly we were afraid of being shot. Looks like I better behave here.

Once we grabbed out baggage. We looked outside and there was welcome commitee waiting for us there. Students, faculty, and local pastors, composed the group.

Jeremy and Jeremy

Oh Yeah... I forgot to mention that Jeremy and Jeremy (Morada and Salvador) had the highest honor of receiving seats next to the emergency exit doors. In case of emergency evacuation the two of us would have to valiently sacrifice our own saftey to aid in the evacuation of unfortunate frantic passengers. We would be the ones working side by side with the flight attendants. We would be the one's who would have to gain our composure. We would be the one's who would selflessly lead our fellow comrads to a better place.

Self sacrifice, selflessness, and valor... all in a days work for Jeremy and Jeremy. A small price to pay for extra leg room. We were willing to put our lives on the line for others. But that would only be necessary if there were to be an emergency. But alas there wasn't.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

At Manila International Airport

On My Way

Here's a pic just before I left on June 28th... driving my truck.... Oh how I miss her. hehehe.... That whole day was hectic running around getting things done before I had to leave. With Steve and Shy's wedding just a few days before it was hard to adequately prepare and and pack. But I made it through! Although I left the house a huge mess.

BTW public congratulations goes out to Steve and Shy for their wedding! The ceremony was ba-right. The reception was ba-right. The food was ba-right. But that shirt they made me wear was a barong.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

First Post

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to let everyone know that I'm on a mission trip to the Philippines right now. Throughout the trip I'll be keeping you informed on the events going on here! So stay tuned and I'll keep you posted. Blessings!